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Celsius Imago

Research subjects related to digitalization tasks start from different needs: – In relation to documentation material sheltered in libraries and archives, the need of preserving and spreading information forces to work on the areas of digital topology and morphology, in order to optimize some image processing operations that will improve the digitalization result.

  • The existence of documents already digitalized, but in really poor conditions: gray images, diffuse borders, spots; represents a similar challenge.
  • The existence, also, of a large amount of handwritten documents prone to be subject of complex recognition processes in order to be stored in places with easy access from multiple users.

Celsius Imago will be a scalable software that has started improving problems from already existing documents: spots, borders, centralization, specially related with digital topology and it is expected to be added new functions linked with the research subjects above mentioned.

Huge Information Volumes: indexing, cataloging and storage

The open Internet resources, the harvesting processes using OAI protocol that allows to obtain a big amount of information allocated in OAI remote servers (for example DSPACE or SeDiCI reservoirs) don´t present special difficulties in some cases the efficient storage might be and would be necessary to analyze different compression methods, but specially the efficient management of this set of records in order to be able to take as much benefits as possible, organizing, making complex searches and minimize processing and access time is a task that presents new challenges.

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