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The Library Linkage Project (Proyecto de Enlace de Bibliotecas – PrEBi) of La Plata National University (UNLP) if part of Library Linkage initiative (LL) of Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC) which the UNLP belongs to. The main objective of PrEBi is to provide technical and scientific information required for Researchers, Teachers and Students from UNLP, as well as to provide to member institutions that are part of the project of documentations available in libraries in the dependencies of each University.

In order to manage all bibliographic resources required by PrEBi users (journal articles, book chapters, congress proceedings, theses and patents) and to manage the requests of Universities participating in the project, it has been developed in UNLP the Celsius Software, which has evolved to Celsius Network platform. This platform permits interconection among all instances of Celsius, installed in servers of each of more than 30 Institutions that participate in the project distribuited in 9 countries of America and Spain. Through this interconection of instances, many task are automated such as remote request creation, request administration and file sending between Institutions. In addition to this, counting with a network of Celsius instances, Institutions are allowed and encouraged to share historical information about searchs between each other, constantly improving the service and minimizing response times. This network potencially permits to offer a great variety of services and facilities.

Celsius Network interacts with a unique module named Celsius Directory, also developed in PrEBi UNLP, in which it is centralized information referring to Celsius NT instances network and to the hierarchical structure of entities participating in the project; in turn this directory regulates interconecition between Celsius Instances and generates global statistics centralizing distributed calculations on each instance.

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